June 29th

The 2016 Finding Your Fiat Conference was a wonderful success. We are incredibly grateful to Nell, Jenna, Meg, Marie, Colleen, Nancy, Sr. Clara, Annie, and Laura for sharing their time, talent, stories, and hearts with us.

We are also grateful to all the people who volunteered to help with the set-up, clean-up, and through-out the events. Special shout-outs go to Katie and Bert for their extra efforts, hand-made necklaces, and home-baked cookies. Lastly, we are grateful to St. Monica's Parish and the Monte Cristo Room in Germantown Hills.

To all the women who attended the conference: thank you! We were blessed to serve you.

And above all else: my all glory and honor be given to God, from whom all blessings flow. +

June 23rd

The Finding Your Fiat Conference begins tomorrow! Be sure to use and follow the hashtag #findingyourfiatconference as you tweet and post about the day!

May 4th

We have an exciting giveaway for TWO tickets to the Finding Your Fiat Conference!

There are tons of ways to get entries, so have some fun, and share away so more sisters can know about Finding Your Fiat and we can all be together.

The giveaway ends Tuesday, May 17th at 11:59pm EST. Enter to win at Blessed Is She.

April 30th 

This conference was the born from the dreams and conversations of three friends but it will be brought to completion because of the help of  three more friends: Nell, Annie, and Jenna.

While Molly has had to step out from her conference planning responsibilities to focus on her pregnancy and Bonnie has had to step back a bit, Nell and Annie and Jenna were all incredibly happy to step in to work with Abbey. The four of them are dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's and we all are so incredibly grateful for their generosity in sharing their time, talent, and mad skillz.

April 15th

The final breakout speaker in our awesome line-up has just been announced! Sr. Clara of the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary will be joining us for the Finding Your Fiat Conference! While Sr. Clara's bilingual community hails from Miami, she is an Illinois local, serving in campus ministry. We are so excited to have her join us for the day!

April 6th

We know a lot of people followed Laura's story and prayed for her, her husband, and her twin girls. (And if you didn't, here's the link!) We are therefore truly thrilled to share with you all that Laura will be joining us for the Finding Your Fiat Conference and will be sharing her story and wisdom as one of our Breakout Speakers.

February 1st

Super excited to share this news!

January 28th

We are thrilled at the group of women who have already purchased their tickets to join us this summer!

Just a head's up - shortly after you purchase your ticket you will be invited to join a private Facebook group that is just for attendees of the 2016 conference. We will be using this site and email to communicate with attendees but the Facebook group is a great way to make connections before the day.

Want to carpool, share a hotel room, or introduce yourself since you'll be coming alone? Our Facebook group is the way to do it!

And if something happens and you don't get the invite please contact us at findingyourfiatconference at gmail dot com so we can remedy that right away!

Bonnie, Abbey, and Molly

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